Nurturing Hope, Preventing Trauma

Our Goal is to prevent the trauma of family separation.


The FIRST Clinic is a medical-legal partnership dedicated to preventing trauma associated with family separation.

Trauma Prevention

The Family Intervention Response to Stop Trauma (FIRST) Clinic is a nonprofit organization focused on preventing trauma caused by family separation.

Health and Safety

FIRST is a medical-legal partnership model that provides free legal advocacy for pregnant people or parents of newborns who are at risk of CPS intervention. We work together with health care professionals, social workers, and parent allies to develop and implement a plan that meets the specific needs of new parents and newborns to be safe and healthy together.

Equitable Justice

FIRST operates at no costs to its clients, placing necessary resources within reach, and allowing families to focus on their safety and health.


A window exists at the start of a child welfare case to help many families stay together and avoid entering the court system…
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Administration for Children and Families Memo
Our children should be our top priority, rather than being lost and forgotten. The F.I.R.S.T. Clinic will allow children to remain in their homes, avoiding out-of-home placement….
Esther Taylor remembers everyone tensing up. She was 8, and didn’t understand everything going on.